We accept Board Game Donations!

Looking to clean out your house?

Want those Board Games to go to good use?

Donate them to us!

We have over 400 Games currently in our library and would love to add more!
Our Game collection is made up of new purchases, thrift shop finds and donations!

We accept all games! Game pieces get damaged or go missing all the time and we need plenty of replacements! We also don't own every game out there, every new game we add is a big success! We are also looking for some rare finds and would really apricate any help we can get!

We also want to acquire old pinball and Arcade Machines, if you have any to donate or sell on a discount please let us know!

Let us know if you have something to donate or come by the store during business hours and drop it off!

Cards and Coasters is very much a community and every donation helps give a future customer more options on which game to play when they are at our store. 

Thanks Orillia! 

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